Dear future son,

I will give you the world and love you to all ends. I will try to be the best mother, that will never judge and will watch you every second to grow up into a beautiful human being. I want you to be able to look up to me and not be afraid to come for answers. I will always listen with open ears and embrace you with open arms. To take what I've learned in life and apply it to anything that comes your way, to never doubt the ability you have to change and impact the world. You are the only one in charge of your happiness. So love endlessly, fight for what you believe, work hard, and never forget to love yourself. Have an open heart, but be cautious too. Don't be afraid to go after your dreams, and know your parents will be here supporting everything you do. Both your father and I are not perfect, but be better than us. We will do everything in our power to raise you to the best of our abilities. Do things for YOU. Take everything the world gives you and run with it. Be the best you, and remember mommy and daddy will always love you.

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